Getting Started

  • Conventions

    We abbreviate Alpacas on the Go to AotG throughout this Help Manual. Words in green refer to the pages and sections of the AotG program, such as Animals or Groups, or to data-entry pages such as Shearing, Add new or Medical, Edit. Internal and external…More »
  • Importing Animal Data

    We understand that you may be coming in with a sizeable herd and years of data on another program, and really don’t want to type that all in again. It’s fair to say that AotG can never be 100% compatible with other programs, and nor can other programs…More »
  • The Dashboard

    The first page you see when logged in is the Dashboard:  [image:227] 1. Come to this page from anywhere in the program at any time, by clicking [inline:202:.middle] at the top of every screen, or [inline:203:.middle] at the bottom of every screen 2.…More »
  • How to Navigate the Program

    There are several ways to get around AotG. No one way is better than another—just use the one(s) that work for you! In no particular order: Clicking [inline:221:.middle] at the top or [inline:220:.middle] at the bottom of every page will take you to The…More »
  • How to Add, Edit, View and Delete Records

    Adding a Record Below is a screenshot of part of the Groups section (list page) of AotG by way of example. All other sections are similarly laid out and the information below applies to these as well. [image:140] Click [inline:134:.middle] to add a new…More »
  • How to Print Records

    Every main section (list page) of AotG has a [inline:213:.middle] PRINT-FRIENDLY PAGE BUTTON. This BUTTON doesn’t print directly from the screen, but rather customises a page for you to print with your browser’s built in File >> Print function.…More »
  • A Guide to Icons Used

    Icons Used Throughout AotG  [inline:122:.middle] Generate Report [inline:123:.middle] Edit Record [inline:121:.middle] View Details Colour-Coded Icons Used in Specific Areas The sections in AotG are colour-coded as shown on this Dashboard screenshot:…More »
  • How to Sort Records

    Each section of AotG sorts records in an order most relevant to it. The default sort in: AotG >> Animals is alphabetically by the IDENTIFIER COLUMN HEADING AotG >> Groups is alphabetically by the GROUP NAME COLUMN HEADING (this is the only…More »
  • Using Search

    The search function searches the list page you are in: for example it will search animal data when in the Animals section, group data when in the Groups section, and so on. There are three ways to search your data in AotG. The simplest way uses the…More »
  • Groups

  • Animals

  • Animals in Groups

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