• Adding Animals: Read First

    The Animals section is the heart of AotG. It is the one into which most information will be entered, and the one which the rest of the program interacts with. There is no right way or wrong way to enter animals, but your type and size of herd may make…More »
  • Adding Animals: Where to Start?

    “Where do I start?!” can seem very daunting at first glance. We offer several approaches below. The Bulk Entry Way For those already using other programs or spreadsheets. Your data may be able to be imported directly into the program. Please read…More »
  • How to Add Animals

    You can add animals at any time and in any order, however some approaches may prove better than others. Please read the entire Animals section first before starting, so as to be fully informed of the various routes you can take. To add an animal:  1.…More »
  • The General Tab

    The GENERAL TAB is the only essential one for entering animals, and appears as the default for this reason. It is accessible via AotG >> Animals, by clicking either to add a new animal, or the EDIT ICON at the left of an existing animal row. This…More »
  • The Pedigree Tab

    The PEDIGREE TAB [inline:98] is where you record the pedigree/ancestry of an animal. It is accessible via AotG >> Animals, by clicking either [inline:94] to add a new animal, or the [inline:95] EDIT ICON at the left of an existing animal row.…More »
  • How to Construct a Pedigree

    Please also read Adding Animals: Where to Start? together with this article before proceeding to enter a herd and its ancestors. We cover different approaches, and which may be better than others depending on your objectives and herd size. How far back…More »
  • The Icon Row

    A row of coloured ICONS will form over time in an animal row in AotG >> Animals as you enter data in other sections such as Procedures or Shearing:  [image:151] Each ICON is colour-coded to match the section it references, and the number inside…More »
  • How to Add Animals to Groups

    With your groups created and your herd entered , it’s time to assign animals to groups and really get going! This allows bulk actions to be applied to bulk animals effortlessly. You can move animals in and out of groups at any time, as well as assign…More »
  • How to Move Animals In and Out of Your Herd

    You’ve entered a whole bunch of animals—some are yours, some are agisted/boarded with you, and some are ancestors. Your list of animals is looking long and unmanageable. How to separate them out? Simply create a master group of the animals you care for…More »

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