• How to Enter Your Logo, Property and Contact Details

    Enter your contact details in the AotG >> Property section for these to appear on reports. Reports generate in PDF format that you can easily print, save and email.

    1. Click on Property menu item at top of page, or

     on Property button on The Dashboard

     2. Click Add New Record button on the next screen.

     3. Click Add Logo button and browse your computer to select your logo file.

     4. A small version of the selected file will appear alongside the file name, an UPLOAD BUTTON and a CANCEL BUTTON:

    Upload Logo button

    If you selected the wrong file by mistake, click Cancel button and the green ADD FILES BUTTON in Step 3 will reappear for another go.

    Otherwise, click Upload button for the program to accept the image.

    5. Continue down the page entering other details such as your email address, phone number and physical address. These will appear on the generated PDF, and the email, website and Facebook details will automatically be clickable links onscreen. Anyone you send a report to can email you, or visit your website and/or Facebook page straight from your report!

    6. Click Save button and these details will appear on all future reports you create.

    7. Click Back to List button at any time to return to the main screen. You can edit any detail at any time by clicking the Edit Record icon EDIT ICON on that screen



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