• How to Add Mating Records

    You can add mating records at any time and in any order.

    1. Click on Mating menu item at top of page, or

    Mating button on The Dashboard

    2. Click Add New Record button on the next screen to enter the Mating, Add new screen

    3. Select a Dam, an Action (Mating, Birth, Spitoff, Ultrasound, or Notes), Sire and Action Date

    4. The Gestation Days field displays a default value of 342 days but you can override that for a herd and for individual animals. Read how to set gestation days here

    Please ignore this field if not entering a Mating record. This number writes to the Gestation Days column in AotG >> Mating only when Mating is selected from the Action field. Changing this number has no effect on Birth, Spitoff, Ultrasound, and Notes records. Please see 8 below

    5. You can come back later, eg after a birth, to enter an Outcome and Comments

    6. Click Save button

    7. A visual confirmation will appear:

    Record Was Added confirmation box

    and a new empty page loads immediately below ready for new data

    8. Click Back to List button to view all mating data in list form. (You can also click Mating menu item in the top menu anywhere in the program at any time to come to this page.) You can edit any detail at any time by clicking the Edit Record icon EDIT ICON on that screen

    Please note below how the Gestation Days and related Estimated DOB (Date of Birth) columns are filled for Mating records, but are blank for Birth, Spitoff, Ultrasound and Notes records:

    Gestation and Estimated Date of Birth (EDOB) Columns



  • How to Set Gestation Days

    The default number of gestation days in AotG is 342, but this can be overridden at a herd and individual animal level.

    If your herd averages a different gestation period you’d rather use, go to AotG >> Property and enter that number in the Gestation Days field.

    This number becomes the new default for all new mating records, and will appear automatically when adding mating records.

    You can still override this for individual animals—simply overwrite the default number with your own.



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