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You may see some article titles repeated in the Table of Contents below. One copy will be in regular blue font, with other copies in blue italics. The regular font indicates the primary chapter for that article, while the italic font indicates secondary chapters for the same article.

All will point to the same article, so you can be sure you’re reading the exact same content wherever you read it or if we ever edit it.

Content has been organised in two ways within this Help Manual.

Some content has been placed in chapters that deal directly with the same-named sections in Alpacas on the Go. For example, the Groups chapter covers the Groups section in AotG, the Animals chapter covers the Animals section, and so on.

Other chapters, like Getting Started, FAQ and Reports cover related topics and concepts instead.

Thus it makes sense to have an article appear in multiple chapters if it is equally valid in two or even more chapters. A good example is the How Groups Work article, which appears in the Getting Started > Groups sub-chapter, the Getting Started > Animals in Groups sub-chapter, and the Groups chapter!

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