• How to Enter Your Logo, Property and Contact Details

    Enter your contact details in the AotG >> Property section for these to appear on reports. Reports generate in PDF format that you can easily print, save and email.

    1. Click on Property menu item at top of page, or

     on Property button on The Dashboard

     2. Click Add New Record button on the next screen.

     3. Click Add Logo button and browse your computer to select your logo file.

     4. A small version of the selected file will appear alongside the file name, an UPLOAD BUTTON and a CANCEL BUTTON:

    Upload Logo button

    If you selected the wrong file by mistake, click Cancel button and the green ADD FILES BUTTON in Step 3 will reappear for another go.

    Otherwise, click Upload button for the program to accept the image.

    5. Continue down the page entering other details such as your email address, phone number and physical address. These will appear on the generated PDF, and the email, website and Facebook details will automatically be clickable links onscreen. Anyone you send a report to can email you, or visit your website and/or Facebook page straight from your report!

    6. Click Save button and these details will appear on all future reports you create.

    7. Click Back to List button at any time to return to the main screen. You can edit any detail at any time by clicking the Edit Record icon EDIT ICON on that screen



  • How to Make a Marketing/Sale Report

    You can generate a two page marketing/sale report by clicking on the Generate Report icon MARKETING REPORT ICON at the far left of an animal row in AotG >> Animals.

    Your name and farm name will automatically print to the report, but other than that the default straight-out-of-the-box report will look quite bare:

    Sale Report: Before
    Click image to enlarge

    but please keep reading to see how to make it look a lot more like this!

    Sale Report: After
    Click image to enlarge

    In no particular order:

    Add Your Logo and Contact Details

    Your name and farm name are automatically displayed as supplied when you registered an account, but you will need to upload your logo and enter your phone number, web address, Facebook address and physical address for these to appear as well. This is all explained here: How to Enter Your Logo, Property and Contact Details.

    Fill Any Gaps in the Animal Details

    The marketing/sale report will display the following if available to it:

    • animal photo
    • registration number
    • animal name
    • sex
    • breed type (huacaya or suri)
    • coat pattern
    • colour
    • date of birth
    • current age at time of report generation
    • tag number
    • microchip number
    • DNA number
    • status (owned, co-owned, etc)
    • whether a suri backcross
    • prizes won
    • an overall description of the animal
    • price

    You don’t have to record all animal details, but fields without data will be blank on the report. You can fill these by clicking the Edit Record icon EDIT ICON to the left of an animal row in AotG >> Animals. This opens up the Animal, Edit page, with the GENERAL TAB ready. You can read more here: The General Tab.

    Add Fleece Information

    The marketing report will display the first and last shearing records, a photo of the most recent fleece, and an image of the most recent histogram. Please read How to Add Shearing Records for more information.

    Construct a Pedigree

    The marketing report can display a pedigree tree going back four generations (30 ancestors). The direct lineage of each ancestor will automatically display at far right, while the coat pattern, colour, and date of birth of each ancestor will appear if entered into AotG. This information doesn’t have to be entered, and may not even be known for some ancestors, but we recommend filling in as much as possible for a best possible tree.

    In most cases the most distant ancestors will only be of historical interest to you for the purposes of constructing a comprehensive pedigree. All you need to enter at most for these animals are the breed type (huacaya or suri), coat pattern, colour and date of birth. Nothing else is worth entering as it won’t appear in the pedigree tree.

    We describe the absolute best way to construct a pedigree here: How to Construct a Pedigree. We cannot emphasise enough how much easier this is to do when you start with the furthest-back ancestors, and then work forward to the animal of interest.



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