• How to Add Shearing Records

    You can add shearing records and upload images of fleeces and histograms at any time and in any order. You can record the shearing details for a group and for individual animals.

     1. Click on Shearing menu item at top of page, or

    Shearing button on The Dashboard

    2. Click Add New Record button on the next screen to enter the Shearing, Add new screen

    3. Here select either a Group or an animal via Identifier(Name)—choosing one disables the other. Commercial farmers may choose to record only their total ‘clip’ (total wool shorn) while breeders may wish to record both total and individual clips (You could create a ‘white clip’ group or a ‘fawn clip’ group for example)

    4. Enter the shearing date and fleece data. You don’t have to fill in every field, but the option is there to enter Total Weight kg as well as break this down further into Saddle Weight kg, Neck Weight kg  and Other Weight kg

    5. Click the Add Fleece Image button and/or Add Histogram Image button buttons to browse your computer and upload a fleece and/or histogram image for this record

    6. A small version of the selected file will appear alongside the file name, an UPLOAD button and a CANCEL button:

    Upload Fleece Image button

    If you selected the wrong file by mistake, click Cancel button and the green ADD FILES button in Step 5 will reappear for another go

    Otherwise, click Upload button for the program to accept the image

    7. Continue down the page entering other details such as micron and SD Standard Deviation. Not every field has to be filled in, but what is entered here will appear on the Marketing/Sale Report

    8. Click Save button

    9. A visual confirmation will appear:

    Record Was Added confirmation box

    and a new empty page loads immediately below ready for new data

    10. Click Back to List button at any time to view all shearing data in list form. (You can also click Shearing menu item in the top menu anywhere in the program at any time to come to this page.) You can edit any detail at any time by clicking the Edit Record icon EDIT ICON on that screen



  • How to Display a Shearing Weight Chart

    Entering shearing records will display them like so in AotG >> Shearing:

    Two Shearing Records

    Click Number and Details of Shearing Records icon to toggle on and off a shearing weight chart.
    Note: it doesn’t matter which particular record you select as the chart will graph all data for that animal. You could select the oldest record and the chart will display all records from that one to the most recent.

    The shearing weight chart is really four displays in one, each showing a different legend. You can see which one you’re on by the Chart Number of Total Number indicator. You can cycle through each by clicking Go to Previous Chart and Go to Next Chart:

    Total Weight Legend  Shearing Records, Chart 1: Total Weight

    Saddle Weight Legend  Shearing Records, Chart 2: Saddle Weight

    Neck Weight Legend  Shearing Records, Chart 3: Neck Weight

    Other Weight Legend  Shearing Records, Chart 4: Other Weight

    Clicking Go to Section icon on the SHEARING CHART TAB will display a more print-friendly and larger version, showing the full legend:

    Shearing Chart, Large Version



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