• How to Add Procedures

    Use this section to create a list of all husbandry and medical procedures you apply to your herd in AotG >> Medical (shown here). You can add to this list at any time and in any order.

    1. Click on Procedures menu item at top of page, or

    Procedures button on The Dashboard

    2. Click Add New Record button on the next screen to enter the Procedures, Add new screen

    3. The bare minimum to enter here is a Short Description meaningful to you. Examples could be ‘toenails’, ‘weaning’, or ‘vaccination’

    4. You can add a longer description and/or cost per procedure as well if you like, but you don’t have to. An example would be entering ‘ADE’ as the Short Description, ‘vitamin A, D and E injection’ as the Long Description, and the cost per injection as the Typical Cost

    5. Click Save button

    6. A visual confirmation will appear:

    Record Was Added confirmation box

    and a new empty page loads immediately below ready for new data

    7. Click Back to List button to view all entered procedures in list form. (You can also click Procedures menu item in the top menu anywhere in the program at any time to come to this page.) You can edit any detail at any time by clicking the Edit Record icon EDIT ICON on that screen



  • Viewing Procedure Details

    Entering husbandry and medical procedures will display them like so in AotG >> Procedures:

    Procedures to Animals

    Click Number and Details of Procedures Records icon to toggle on and off a list of animals a procedure was applied to.

    Medical Details

    Clicking Go to Section icon on the MEDICAL TAB will create a new page of all details for that one procedure only, that you may find useful to print:

    Details of One Procedure



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